Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year!!!!
Madison and Mia stayed up late to watch the ball drop. We had non-alcoholic wine. (mainly for Mama since I'm nursing and for Madison too) Madison drank from a champagne glass, she calls it a fancy glass.
We had an amazing 2010. Looking forward to 2011.
Mia's first New Years

Merry Christmas 2010

Ok Santa we are going to bed now. We put cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots for Rudolph.
And after..... yummy that was good ;o)
Our girls in bed sleeping and we are ready for Christmas morning. So excited to see Madison's face and this is Mia's 1st Christmas.
This was a Toy Story Christmas for Madison. She wanted Santa to bring her the BIG Buzz Lightyear that is remote controlled. She also asked for the movie Toy Story 3. I also found Buzz and Woody PJ's. I am so sure she is going to want to wear those PJ's everyday....all day.
Stockings are stuffed
Santa and Rudolph are so polite, they even left Madison and Mia a thank you note.
Papa, reading Santa's note to Madison. It is the best seeing the joy in Madison's face.
She kept telling us Santa loves cookies.
Madison kept saying, Look!!! Santa got me my movie!!! Toy Story 3!!!
Wow! The Big Buzz!
So just like the dinosaurs she asked for last Christmas, she wanted the Buzz this year but yet she was a bit scared of him. She would play with him but Buzz had to be on the off mode. It took several weeks but she is finally playing with him on the on mode. Silly girl.
Mia just chilled on her chair, next year you will enjoy Christmas so much more our baby girl
After we saw Santa's gifts we then did stockings
Ummmm can someone help me with my stocking?
Madison is such an amazing big sister. She wanted to help Mia with her stocking and to open Mia's presents. She would do it in front of Mia and would say "Look Mia, you got presents".
Opening presents
Madison is obsessed with Princess's, Tinkerbell, Dinosaurs, Toy Story 3 and Thomas the train.Muah!!!! Thank you Papa for everything!Cheese
Thank you Mama! After she was done opening gifts, Madison went around the room thanking Papa, Mama, and yes even Mia and Lulu. You are so sweet our Madison Rose.
Thank you Mia! Madison always ask can I kiss Mia? It is the sweetest thing.
Our response is always, of course you can, you're her big sister.
Ok.... ok..... now can we play?!?!?!?!?!?!
We have so much fun watching Madison play. She was playing with Buzz, dinosaurs and Cinderella all at the same time.
Merry Christmas
Like always our baby girl sleeping through the fun
After Christmas at our house then we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's
My 1st Christmas
Mia and her Uncle Dustin
Madison with her Grandma and Grandpa. She enjoyed helping everyone open their presents.
She even helped pick up the mess.
Mia con Tito y Tita
Madison with her cousins Alexander and Andrew
Papa opening presents with Zoe. It is Zoe's first Christmas. We love you princess!
Madison, Zoe and Mia. The families three little princess's.
My beautiful family, Thank you GOD!!!
Zoe and Mia, I can see it now...... these two are going to be the best of friends
My hubby.... my everything..... I love you!!
Manina y Zoe
Madison and Papa playing Toy Story 3-3D game .... oh of course Buzz had to be next to her and watch Madison play.
Day after Christmas, Madison didn't even know where to start. So many toys..... what do I play with first?
Morning after Christmas, can you say what a mess!!!
Madison in her Woody PJ's. Look closely she is playing with her Leapster and has her toy's Woody and Buzz next to her arms. She said she was teaching them how to play with her Leapster.
Madison also loves her Buzz PJ's. She say's she is Buzz Lightyear when she wears them.
Gotta love that imagination.

Bostic Christmas Party

Every year Bostic Steel has the most amazing Christmas party. It is all about the children. They have face painting, someone making balloons of what ever the child requests, dancing, and every kid under age 18 gets a present from Santa. Madison had a blast and Mia slept through the entire party.
Cheese (with a mouth full of eggs)... lol
Madison with Grandma and Grandpa
I know we are missing Mia in this picture, she was too comfy in her stroller snoozing away.
Madison adores her Papa
I love you my big girl
Mia slept in her stroller the entire time
Next year she will enjoy the fun
Madison waiting for her name to be called to get her present from Santa. She was so excited.
Look what Santa got me!
Madison hesitated a bit to take a picture with Santa but then she was fine. Then when she went up to get Mia's gift she wanted to sit on Santa's lap again.
Cupcakes rock! Yummy!
The amazing center piece that Madison won!!!!
She really enjoys Thomas the train
She named him Mr Elf and as soon as we got home she placed him on the stair landing.